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Live Agent Available | Contact Ticketmaster Support +1(888) 383-****

Quality Tickets – Standard Tickets are broach for sale at the Event Owner’s agreed price. This price is referred to as “Face Value,” and is absolutely maintained by the Event Organizer. Standard tickets are the bulk of the tickets sold by TicketMaster Phone Number Customer Service.
Resale Tickets ~ Tickets sold by fans, season ticket containers, and skilled ticket brokers are resale tickets. On Ticketmaster, resale tickets, besides by color or by definition, are marked.
Bleached Tickets ~ Platinum Tickets are regular tickets dependent on supply and demand that is “dynamically” priced. Platinum tickets do not form part of VIP collection~they are just tickets.
VIP Tickets – In addition to additional items, some event holders sell ticket packages that include desired seating positions, such as admission to a pre-show consultation and greeting or show merchandise. The Event Owner sets prices for VIP packages for more info call TicketMaster Phone Number Customer Service.

What Kind of Issues can Ticketmaster Customer Service Representative Resolve?

Ticketmaster Phone Number representatives can resolve a range of issues, including questions about tickets and ticket delivery, issues surrounding credit card charges and ticket pricing, and the possibility that a ticket was issued for the wrong class of seating.

Customer support agents can also, when possible, assist with ticket changes and refunds.






9 responses to “[TicketMaster Phone Number]”

  1. Marcia ODonnell Avatar

    I purchased 2 tickets on 10-4-2019 ($467.12) for this concert on 3-24-2020. Because of the pandemic it was rescheduled for 9-21-2021 and then rescheduled again for 3-9-2022 but cancelled on 1-15-2022. I have tried for months to get a refund, there is no working phone # for Ticketmaster, and your website just repeats the return policy. I really want my money back!!!

    1. Ticketmaster Customer Service Avatar

      Thank you for contacting, Kindly share your contact details, and we will arrange a call back from the concerned department for you.

  2. David Padilla Avatar
    David Padilla

    How can I receive my tickets to the stars on ice show ? I don’t have a smart phone or computer?

  3. Raymond Jardine Jr. Avatar
    Raymond Jardine Jr.

    My tickets for the XFL game on 19 Feb at the Alamodome with the San Antonio Brahmas is not showing up on my ticketmaster account:

    Section 129, Row 26 – Seat 8
    Section 129, Row 26 – Seat 9
    Section 129, Row 26 – Seat 10
    Section 129, Row 26 – Seat 11

  4. Richard Hayden Avatar
    Richard Hayden

    I did not purchase these tickets. Cancel order

  5. Scott A.McCue Avatar
    Scott A.McCue

    I still do not have my tickets!!! The event is Sunday. Please I want to “TALK” to a live person ASAP!!!!! Phone number sucks!!

  6. John E love Avatar
    John E love

    Our tickets are in text massage for this sat night 50-59706/wes. when i go to open them, I get a opps cant open your tickets in email?

  7. Robert Donohue Avatar

    I opened an account today, but I haven’t been able how to sell some PRIME rodeo seats here in San Antonio. I hold four season seats for 22 performances. I have three dates open.

  8. Elizabeth Gilgun Avatar
    Elizabeth Gilgun

    Can’t access tickets. I have an email confirmation but when I log in it says “oooppps something went wrong. Let’s go back and try again”. If you go back the same thing happens

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